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Staff Code of Commitment

Every employee of Hillsdale College plays a vital role in the furtherance of Hillsdale’s mission as we work together in a collegial environment, striving to preserve and pursue the Good.

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The Founding Mission is the source and purpose ofevery employee position. Service to that Mission isour chief responsibility.


Honesty, clear communication and considerationunderwrite all our work and relationships with staff,faculty, and students.


Genuine helpfulness and good cheer are the ordinary andinspiriting manner of our conduct.


We work with each other, not just beside each other. As weshare a common responsibility, we are partners in our Mission.


We take initiative and advance the goals of the College.


Because our work matters, we work carefully andvigorously. We are good stewards of both natural andhuman resources. We are responsible for our labors,conduct, attitudes, and manners.


By our words and deeds, we all work together to pass on the principles of the College’s Christian faith and intellectual and moral heritage.


Nicole Williams
Associate Director of Talent Acquisition and Employment
(517) 607-2203

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